Project Codename: ESCAPE


Escape is planned to be a cross-platform game that is fun and accessible. Inspired by the game "Xpired," Escape will be able to load those levels but it will also have a number of enhancements and differences. Escape will be a polished game, rapidly developed with existing toolsets and code, and sporting a flashy GUI and deep background story. The basic premise is to get from one point to another by blowing obstacles up and not dying from the explosions. The genre it best fits under is "puzzle-action."

Escape is going to be...

  • exciting
  • visually overwhelming
  • code excellante
  • puzzling
  • fun-fest
  • challenging

Escape is going to be designed with

  • C++
  • SDL libraries
  • Open-Source examples and code
  • GNU tools
  • Linux
  • Assets and Codebase from the game "Xpired"

Escape will be designed by

  • The team ADINFINITUM
  • Code Guys
  • Art Guys
  • Sound Guys

Released under....

  • The General Public License
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