The Goals for This Project

This page serves as a checklist for the goals outlined for the project to be complete. But it also serves as a place for remarks on code style and other information only pertinent to the designers.

Preliminary Information

  1. Language: C++ with heavy STL emphasis
  2. Libraries: SDL and associates, TinyXML
  3. Possible Libraries: OpenGL, Kyra
  4. Development Environment: Make and g++
  5. Crossplatform: MacOS X, Windows, Linux
  6. Category: Action-Puzzle
  7. Similar Games: X-pired, Sokoban
  8. Associated Websites: happypenguin, sourceforge, gamedev
  9. Resolution: 640x480 or 800x600

Goals for Backwards Compatibility

  1. Convert all old X-pired levels to new format and be able to use all levels from X-pired
  2. As part of intro to game, show "Based on <Insert X-pired Logo>"
  3. Use original X-pired music for either menu or in-game
  4. Have all original game pieces... Wall, Crate, Barrel, BEM
  5. Credit authors of original
  6. Possibly keep old backgrounds

Enhancements on the Original

  1. Larger tiles (32x32) with higher resolution (800x600)
  2. Scrolling maps
  3. Louder, more colorful explosions that shake the whole screen
  4. Character speaks in cartoon bubbles with voice noises
  5. Display ADINFINITUM logo in intro
  6. Have a nice menu with text-scroller and buttons, and scrolling credits screen
  7. Add save games
  8. Modular, multiple file, C++ codebase
  9. LED Display somehow
  10. Solutions to every level, accessible after a certain number or time period of failed attempts
  11. Small amount of hard-coded configuration options
  12. New Tutorial

New Pieces

  1. Mines
  2. Lasers with switches
  3. Moving robots
  4. Shooting guns
  5. Colored Doors and Keys
  6. Conveyor belts
  7. Mud ground tiles
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